The park

The Story Behind the Park on Whiskey Road - Grand Lake, OK

The road leading into our campground was first dubbed Whiskey Road in the 1920s when it was used as a covert route for bootleggers to smuggle whiskey into Indian Territory. Over the decades the name stuck, and even though the official name has changed, locals to Grand Lake still know it as Whiskey Road. 

Darin and Heather Berryhill | Owners of Park on Whiskey Road - Grand Lake RV Park

The Park on Whiskey Road is family-owned by Darin and Heather Berryhill and built on land that originally belonged to the mother of the owner. As long-time Grand Lakers, the Berryhill’s have raised their family at their weekend getaway for the past 23-years. Darin says, “Grand Lake has been a place of escape for our family, a place to bring family and friends, a place to connect with our loved ones. The Park is our way of sharing that with everyone, so they too can enjoy what we love so much about Grand Lake. We hope our customers will return to The Park on Whiskey Road for years to come and make lasting memories with their own family and friends.”